Querverweis: »Reframing Platform Power«

23. Juli 2019

José van Dijck und Kollegen haben im OA-Journal Internet Policy Review jüngst den Artikel »Reframing Platform Power« veröffentlicht und schlagen darin drei paradigmatische Reorientierungen vor:

»First, academics and policymakers need to deliver a more precise analysis and nuanced assessment of how the integrated ecosystem of platforms functions. […] Such analyses can become more concrete when starting with an inquiry into selected areas of infrastructural power […]. But rather than examining them as single markets run by single proprietary ecosystems in the interests of consumers, it is essential to approach them as part of an integrated ecosystem inhabited by citizens who have become fully dependent on these systems for governing their personal and collective wellbeing.

Secondly, nuanced analyses of power in the integrated platform ecosystem can help articulate a cohesive set of governance principles, both at the EU-level as well as at national and local levels. New EU-reports evaluating approaches to platforms and data are beginning to show an awareness towards integrated societal interests […]. And at the local level, there is a growing awareness that cities and civil society organisations play a vital role in communal efforts to govern the platform society […].

Thirdly, an analytic reframing of platform power could nourish efforts in various countries to harmonise, expand, and update current regulation. Harmonising single regulatory frameworks for antitrust, consumer, and competition law with recent updated frameworks that address privacy, media regulation, and net neutrality may be a first step towards an integrative approach […].«