Kurz notiert: »Co-Creation. Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics«

19. November 2018

Der anwendungsorientierte Band »Co-Creation. Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics« ist erschienen – darin auch mein kontextualisierender Beitrag »Understanding Open Source Software Communities«. Über den Band:

Across several industries, we are observing a paradigm shift from traditional, firm-centric and top-down value creation to more open and collaborative approaches, also referred to as bottom-up economics. The boundaries of firms dissolve and external actors (customers, user, suppliers etc.) enter the domain of value creation by means of advanced information and communication technologies. These new and evolving patterns require a renewed and interdisciplinary understanding of how co-creation enables organizations to reshape business and society.

With contributions from industrial and academic experts, this book provides deep insights into the theory and practice of bottom-up economics, and addresses the major opportunities and challenges that have emerged in the era of co-creation.