Heute ist die Zukunft von gestern XX: »Pushbutton Power« (1978)

7. Januar 2016

Smart Home, Online-Shopping, interaktives Fernsehen, Echtzeit-Navigation, Automatisierung – über diese und andere Verheißungen einer computerisierten Zukunft berichtet (wenn auch zum Teil mit anderen Vokabeln) der Artikel »Living: Pushbutton Power« im TIME Magazine 2/1978 (via Modern Mechanix):

smart home 1978

»Paper clutter will disappear as home information management systems take over from memo pads, notebooks, files, bills and the kitchen bulletin board. […] The computer might appear to be a dehumanizing factor, but the opposite is in fact true. It is already leading the consumer society away from the mass-produced homogeneity of the assembly line […] The custom-made object, now restricted to the rich, will be within everyone’s reach. […] Far from George Orwell’s gloomy vision of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the computer revolution is stimulating intellects, liberating limbs and propelling mankind to a higher order of existence.« (TIME 2/1979)

smart home 1978b