Call for Papers: Digital Platforms and the Transformation of Public Communication

20. November 2019

Auf der STS Conference Graz 2020 organisiere ich eine Session zum Thema »Digital Platforms and the Transformation of Public Communication« und freue mich auf instruktive Einreichungen zum angeschlagenen Thema:

Intermediary media platforms are not an exclusive phenomenon of the digital age […]. However, only with the establishment of the Internet and easy-to-use devices, recipients see themselves in a position to access the catalogue of the platforms themselves and to select the content with algorithmic tools—just as all usage dynamics can be aggregated and evaluated. Thus, on the one hand, ‘platforms’ as socio-technical coordination structures become the focus of attention; on the other hand, this change results in serious shifts in media economics and in the structures of public communication […]. Against this background, this session aims to explore the potentials and limits of given conceptions of the public sphere: 

To what extent do well-established theories continue to offer an informative classification foil in the investigation of public communication? 

Which novel dynamics of interaction and exchange remain invisible in traditional models of the public sphere? 

Which alternative conceptions of networked platform publics have so far proven to be instructive beyond individual case studies? 

Do the empirically observable dynamics in contemporary public communication even speak in favor of saying goodbye to ideas of a public sphere as a whole and of starting from multiple arenas of public communication that are at best loosely coupled with one another?

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