Kurz notiert: Protest and Societal Irritation in the Internet Age

28. Mai 2019

Das Sonderheft der ÖZS zum Thema »Digitalization and Society« ist erschienen. Mit dabei: Der Beitrag »Digital Deceleration. Protest and Societal Irritation in the Internet Age« von Marc Mölders und mir.

Our article examines new potentials for systemic irritation in the Internet age and focuses on the processes of synchronization between media, politics, and law. […] the search for and the design of opportune forms of irritation remains a complex organizational process. To irritate other societal contexts effectively, civil counter forces exercise self-control particularly regarding temporality, retarding their operations according to the operational speed of the addressed meaning systems. This deliberate deceleration in operational timing is considerably facilitated by digital technologies. In the final chapter, we contextualize our empirical findings within a broader evolutionary perspective on social reality construction.

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