SOI Discussion Paper: Open Source Projects as Incubators of Innovation

14. Mai 2017

In der Reihe Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Organisations- und Innovationssoziologie ist ein neues Discussion Paper mit dem Titel »Open Source Projects as Incubators of Innovation. From Niche Phenomenon to Integral Part of the Software Industry« (Volltext) erschienen:

Over the last 20 years, open source development has become an integral part of the software industry and a key component of the innovation strategies of all major IT providers. Against this backdrop, this paper seeks to develop a systematic overview of open source communities and their socio-economic contexts. […] Further, I examine why open source projects have mainly lost their subversive potential while, in contrast to former cases of collective invention, remaining viable beyond the emergence of predominant solutions and their commercial exploitation: In an industry that is characterized by very short innovation cycles, open source projects have proven to be important incubators for new product lines and branch-defining infrastructures. They do not compete against classical forms of production but instead complement and expand these.

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Splitter: »Information Operations and Facebook«

2. Mai 2017

Ende April hat Facebook den Bericht »Information Operations and Facebook« veröffentlicht (Autoren: Jen Weedon, William Nuland, Alex Stamos). Darin diskutiert das Unternehmen zurückliegende ›Informationsfeldzüge‹ (etwa im US-Wahlkampf) und inwiefern neuartige Analysetechnologien diesbezüglich Abhilfe schaffen könn(t)en:

»Civic engagement today takes place in a rapidly evolving information ecosystem. More and more, traditional forums for discussion, the exchange of ideas, and debate are mirrored online on platforms like Facebook – leading to an increase in individual access and agency in political dialogue, the scale and speed of information consumption, as well as the diversity of influences on any given conversation. […] The overuse and misuse of the term ›fake news‹ can be problematic because, without common definitions, we cannot understand or fully address these issues. […] We’ve adopted the following terminology to refer to these concepts:
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