Kurz notiert: »The Renaissance of Techno-Utopianism«

14. April 2017

In dieser Woche ist der Text »The Renaissance of Techno-Utopianism as a Challenge for Responsible Innovation« von Sascha Dickel und mir im Journal for Responsible Innovation erschienen (kostenfreier Volltext ist für die ersten 50 Abrufenden).

Responsible research and innovation aspires to anticipate and assesses potential implications of innovations. Hence, emerging technologies are a crucial issue for this mode of foresight and governance. The case of nanotechnology demonstrated that discourses on those emerging technologies are increasingly shaped by techno-utopian narratives. We argue that these narratives are here to stay, because they are an expression of a contemporary medialization of science and technology. Since the RI community can neither ignore nor escape these techno-utopian narratives, it might engage in a hermeneutic reading of these visions as performative fiction. We use the case of desktop 3D printing to demonstrate in what way an analysis of techno-utopianism is able to reveal how responsibility for innovation gets redistributed.

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